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"Microsoft cloud security woes inspire DHS security review."

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Russ Roberts (https://www.hawaiicybersecurityjournal.net).

Microsoft Cloud Security Woes Inspire DHS Security Review
Can the government help fix what's wrong in cloud security? An upcoming investigation is going to try.
Patch Now: OpenNMS Bug Steals Data, Triggers Denial of Service
Monitoring platform is trusted by Cisco, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, and others in CISA's critical infrastructure Sectors, say Synopsys researchers.
AI Steals Passwords by Listening to Keystrokes With Scary Accuracy
The AI model trained on typing recorded over a smartphone was able to steal passwords with 95% accuracy.
3 Major Email Security Standards Prove Too Porous for the Task
Nearly 90% of malicious emails manage to get past SPF, DKIM, or DMARC, since threat actors are apparently using the same filters as legitimate users.
Discord.io Temporarily Shuts Down Amid Breach Investigation
The platform plans to revamp its website code and conduct "a complete overhaul" of its security practices.
How & Why Cybercriminals Fabricate Data Leaks
A closer look at the nature of fake leaks can provide guidance on how to effectively mitigate associated risks.
(Sponsored Article) 3 Mobile or Client-Side Security Myths Debunked
The industry's understanding of mobile or client-side security is too limited, leaving many mobile apps vulnerable. Don't let these three myths lead you astray.
Following Pushback, Zoom Says It Won't Use Customer Data to Train AI Models
Company's experience highlights the tightrope tech organizations walk when integrating AI into their products and services.

5 Ways CISA Can Help Cyber-Poor Small Businesses & Local Governments
Adopting these recommendations will help SMBs and public-sector agencies that must deal with the same questions of network security and data safety as their larger cousins, but without the same resources.

What CISA and NSA Guidance Means for Critical Infrastructure Security
Strategically investing in solutions that meet you where you are makes all the difference in staying secure from cyber threats.

Phishing Operators Make Ready Use of Abandoned Websites for Bait
Abandoned sites — like Wordpress — are easy to break into, offer a legitimate looking cover, and can remain active for longer than average.

What's New in the NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0
Update to the NIST framework adds new "govern" function for cybersecurity.

The Hard Realities of Setting AI Risk Policy
It's time to get real about what it takes to set and enforce cybersecurity and resilience standards for AI risk management in the enterprise.

Mandiant Releases Scanner to Identify Compromised NetScaler ADC, Gateways
Mandiant's IoC Scanner will help enterprises collect indicators of compromise on affected Citrix NetScaler products.

Bolstering Africa’s Cybersecurity
A thriving economy needs several factors to continue an upward trajectory — but is Africa in a position to enable these factors to take place?
  • Protecting the Database: How to Secure Your Enterprise Data

    For many enterprises, the "crown jewels" are found in their database applications - virtual "crown jewels" of data in traditional database applications that are often linked to the Internet. What are the chief threats to today's databases? How can you ...

  • Best Practices and Tools for OT and IT Security

    For years, information technology and operations technology systems have existed in parallel, but that is no longer the case. As the attack against Colonial Pipeline illustrated, attacks against IT can potentially impact OT, and vice versa. OT environments have their ...

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