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 "Dell Credential Bug opens VMware environments to takeover."

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 August 11, 2023
Dell Credentials Bug Opens VMware Environments to Takeover
Decoding private keys from even one Dell customer could give attackers control over VMware environments across all organizations running the same programs.
CISA: 'Whirlpool' Backdoor Sends Barracuda ESG Security Down the Drain
Researchers have observed China's UNC4841 dropping the backdoor on Barracuda's email security appliances, in a spiraling cyber-espionage campaign.
What's in New York's 'First Ever' Cyber Strategy?
Governor Kathy Hochul has made cybersecurity a key priority, with New York's first chief cyber officer, Colin Ahern, leading the effort.
EvilProxy Cyberattack Flood Targets Execs via Microsoft 365
A campaign sent 120,000 phishing emails in three months, circumventing MFA to compromise cloud accounts of high-level executives at global organizations
NSA: Codebreaker Challenge Helps Drive Cybersecurity Education
The US National Security Agency aims to attract students to cybersecurity in general and its own open positions in particular: 3,000 new jobs this year.
Cyber Insurance Experts Make a Case for Coverage, Protection
At Black Hat "mini summit," providers and customers get clearer about premium costs and coverage — and the risk of doing without.
'MoustachedBouncer' APT Spies on Embassies, Likely via ISPs
Diplomats who didn't use VPNs may have lost sensitive state information to a Belarusian threat actor that wields the "Disco" and "Nightclub" malware.
DARPA Launches 2-Year Contest to Build AI Tools to Fix Vulnerabilities
A challenge will be offered to teams to build tools using AI in order to solve open source's vulnerability challenges.
Navigating Cybersecurity's Seas: Environmental Regulations, OT & the Maritime Industry's New Challenges
Stringent efficiency measures in new environmental regulations create an unintended consequence for the shipping industry: increased cybersecurity risks in operational technology systems.
Cybersecurity: It's Time to Trust the Machines
When it comes to cybersecurity automation, the pluses outweigh the minuses.
(Sponsored Article) The Dark Web Is Expanding (As Is the Value of Monitoring It)
Rising cybercrime threats heighten risks. Dark Web monitoring offers early alerts and helps lessen exposures.
'Downfall' Bug in Billions of Intel CPUs Reveals Major Design Flaw
A newly revealed flaw affects a good chunk of the world's computers. A patch has been released, but broad, structural change in CPU design will be required to address the root cause.

Why Shellshock Remains a Cybersecurity Threat After 9 Years
Nearly a decade after it was disclosed, the Shellshock vulnerability still plagues organizations. Learn how to protect yourself.

Top 3 Insights I Learned at Recent Cybersecurity Events
Events like RSA Conference and Infosecurity Europe provide industry collaboration opportunities required to address the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape.

Windows Defender-Pretender Attack Dismantles Flagship Microsoft EDR
A newly patched flaw in Windows Defender allows attackers to hijack the signature-update process to sneak in malware, delete benign files, and inflict mayhem on target systems.

The Hard Realities of Setting AI Risk Policy
It's time to get real about what it takes to set and enforce cybersecurity and resilience standards for AI risk management in the enterprise.

Mobb Wins Black Hat Startup Spotlight Competition
The four finalists in the startup competition tackled problems in firmware security, cloud infrastructure, open source software, and vulnerability remediation.

India Data Protection Bill Approved, Despite Privacy Concerns
Opponents claim the new bill hinders right to information, while there are concerns on data transfers outside the country.
  • Implementing Zero-Trust With A Remote Workforce

    The shift to remote work and a distributed workforce model highlighted the importance of the zero-trust model for organizations. Corporate endpoint devices are no longer protected behind the enterprise perimeter, connect to routers with unknown levels of security, and share ...

  • Best Practices and Tools for OT and IT Security

    For years, information technology and operations technology systems have existed in parallel, but that is no longer the case. As the attack against Colonial Pipeline illustrated, attacks against IT can potentially impact OT, and vice versa. OT environments have their ...

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  • How to Use Threat Intelligence to Mitigate Third-Party Risk

    The report discusses the various steps of a continuous third-party intelligence lifecycle: Data collection, Data classification, Data storage, Data analysis, reporting, dissemination, continuous monitoring, data governance, and choosing the right technology stack. The report also includes information about how attackers ...

  • Everything You Need to Know About DNS Attacks
  • The Promise and Reality of Cloud Security

    Cloud security has been part of the cybersecurity conversation for years but has been on the sidelines for most enterprises. The shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic and digital transformation projects have moved cloud infrastructure front-and-center as enterprises ...

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