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"UK election watchdog failed to discover system hack for 15 months."

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August 09, 2023

UK election watchdog failed to discover system hack for 15 months

The UK’s Electoral Commission has released a statement notifying citizens of a systems breach in August 2021, when personal data was accessed by unknown attackers.
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Attackers use Cloudflare Tunnel to proxy into victim networks

Exploiting Cloudflare Tunnel requires little skill and potentially could compromise and entire network.
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Are capture-the-flag participants obligated to report zero days?

As this year's Hacker Summer Camp gets underway with dozens of CTF events, the obligations for players to report zero-day bugs they discover are murky.
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Most businesses to ban ChatGPT, generative AI apps on work devices

Almost two-thirds of companies deploying/considering generative AI bans view the steps as long term or permanent.
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Kubernetes clusters under attack in hundreds of organizations

Malware and backdoors used in attacks affecting some Fortune 500 companies.
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North Korea hacked into Russian missile company: Report

SentinelLabs analyzed leaked emails and associated implants to confirm two North Korea-backed hacker groups intruded into a Russian missile maker.
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