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"Hackers exploiting Citrix RCE vulnerability."

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SecurityWeek News Briefing | Friday, July 28, 2023

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SecurityWeek Expert Insights

Cybersecurity Public-Private Partnership: Where Do We Go Next? - Sharing threat information and cooperating with other threat intelligence groups helps to strengthen customer safeguards and boosts the effectiveness of the cybersecurity sector overall. (Derek Manky)

10 Steps to Help Secure Your APIs - Securing APIs is a noble, though complex journey. Security teams can leverage these 10 steps to help secure their APIs. (Joshua Goldfarb)

MOVEit: Testing the Limits of Supply Chain Security - The need for cyber resilience arises from the growing realization that traditional security measures are no longer enough to protect systems, data, and the network from compromise. (Torsten George)

Verifying Software Integrity With Sigstore - Signing code is very important to defend against supply chain attacks, but it’s also one of the most cumbersome to implement for internal development. (Matt Honea)

Now’s the Time for a Pragmatic Approach to New Technology Adoption -

What a cloud migration strategy did for cloud adoption, an automation implementation strategy does for security automation adoption. (Marc Solomon)

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