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Stay Kind Online: How to Talk to Your Kids About Cyberbullying

Sometimes children unknowingly participate in cyberbullying, as parents struggle to keep up with online harassment trends. Here's how to teach your kid to be an upstanding internet citizen.

WormGPT Is a ChatGPT Alternative With 'No Ethical Boundaries or Limitations'

The developer of WormGPT is selling access to the chatbot, which can help hackers create malware and phishing attacks, according to email security provider SlashNext.

Twitter Acknowledges Its 'Verified' Spammer Problem With New DM Settings

DMs from Verified users you don't follow will no longer get a priority spot in your inbox.

Norway Bans Meta From Showing Users Personalized Ads

Failure to comply will result in a daily fine of $100,000.

‘US Cyber Trust Mark’ Security Label Coming to Smart Home Devices

Energy Star-like labels are intended to make it easier for shoppers to find secure connected gadgets. Amazon, Best Buy, Google, Samsung, and others have signed on.

Google Disables Internet Access for Thousands of Its Employees

It's an experiment to try and reduce the risk of cyberattacks.

Apple Emergency Security Patch Contains a Bug of Its Own

The patch is designed to plug a serious flaw. But installing it can cause some social media sites to fail to load. 'Yup this breaks Facebook. Maybe that's the security fix?' one user wrote.

Who's Knocking? Video Doorbells Show You, Safely

The only bad thing about a video doorbell is that knock-knock jokes fall flat because you already know who's there. Jokes aside, these are the best doorbell cameras we've tested.

Manage Your Chats: How to Share, Export, and Delete ChatGPT Conversations
Opswat Security Score Rates Your Safety Online
5 Tips for Teaching Kids the Cybersecurity Basics
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We Speed Test the Top VPNs
When Money Is Tight, Consider a Cheap VPN
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