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"Ransomware attacks cost financial organizations US$32.3 billion in downtime since 2018."

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July 13, 2023

Ransomware attacks cost financial organizations US$32.3 billion in downtime since 2018

Research predicts a spike in ransomware attacks against financial service organizations in 2023.
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The psychological and strategic challenges posed by AI-enhanced cyberattacks and influence campaigns

How defenders, policymakers, and the public process and react to malicious cyber operations that use artificial intelligence will determine the effectiveness of deterrents.
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China-based hackers accessed US federal executive branch emails

An attack that Microsoft ascribes to a “nation-state actor” successfully breached at least one executive branch email account, though the company said that the attempt at espionage has now been contained.
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GitHub rolls out passkeys in move toward passwordless authentication

Opting in lets developers use passkeys instead of passwords and 2FA.
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Evolving web applications raise security concerns, push budgets

OPSWAT study found about three-fourths of organizations pushing their security budgets over evolving applications with unsecured infrastructure.
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Ukraine’s ground counteroffensive ushers in a new phase of the conflict in cyberspace

Cyberattacks against Ukraine have surged, linked to attacks on the ground, but their effectiveness has been blunted, according to observers including the deputy chairman of Ukraine’s cyber warfare service.
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