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SecurityWeek News Briefing | Thursday, June 29, 2023

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SecurityWeek Expert Insights

Keep it, Tweak it, Trash it – What to do with Aging Tech in an Era of Consolidation - Security vendor consolidation is picking up steam with good reason. Everyone wants to improve security efficiency and effectiveness while paying for less. (Matt Wilson)

Four Things to Consider as You Mature Your Threat Intel Program - If you want to begin, or improve, sharing customized intelligence with key users, consider these four aspects as you develop your process. (Marc Solomon)

Software Supply Chain: The Golden Container Ship - By having a golden image you will put a process in place that allows you to quickly take action when a vulnerability is found within your organization. (Matt Honea)

What if the Current AI Hype Is a Dead End? - If we should face a Dead-End AI future, the cybersecurity industry will continue to rely heavily on traditional approaches, especially human-driven ones. It won’t quite be business as usual though. (Oliver Rochford)

Put Security and Compliance on Autopilot

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