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"A defensive posture for Philippines' cybersecurity strategy."

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Cyber War Newswire

Daily update · June 4, 2023


Philippine STAR

The weaponization of cyberspace has triggered new ways to disrupt a country's digital infrastructure, undermine its institutions, and erode public trust. Unfortunately, the internet has become a venue to launch digital attacks and spread disinformation …

WUFT - Florida

The newest Guardians of our galaxy will not come from outer space. Rather, they will come from closer to home — Florida. And the location at Patrick Space Force Base near Cape Canaveral for the U.S. Space for Training Readiness Command is expected to bring …


In an unforeseen development, the Federal Security Service (FSB) in Russia ignited a fresh diplomatic controversy by accusing the U.S. of deploying an advanced surveillance system that compromised thousands of iPhones. The FSB, a contemporary incarnation …

Information Week

Joseph Sullivan was the CSO of Uber. In 2017, he was fired when new management initiated an investigation into a 2016 data breach at the company. Subsequently, Sullivan was charged with covering up the incident and sentenced to serve probation. In the …

The Epoch Times

In response to the Five Eyes Coalition’s discovery of a Chinese hacker attack on American military bases in Guam, a U.S. military expert told The Epoch Times that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is either rehearsing for an impending war or has already …

Indybay - California

In the years between the end of the Cold War in 1991 and 2022, the United States has carried out at least 251 military interventions in almost every country on earth. Going back to 1789, there were a total of 469. In all of these interventions, the United …

KLIN News Talk - Nebraska

As more companies rush to implement AI solutions and software, a growing number of experts are warning that it could result in an explosion of 'fake news' and misinformation.  Artificial intelligence (AI) will become a "fundamental game …

Global Times

Photo: VCG Editor's Note: It has been a decade since the PRISM scandal which enraged the world was exposed by Edward Snowden. Under the guise of so-called national interests, the US government and its related intelligence agencies utilize their …

We Are The Mighty

Let's jump into the foxhole and discuss the very lifeblood of military ops - intelligence gathering. It's like a massive, multi-player game of 'Capture the Flag,' but with less running and more cunning. From WWII all the way to the present …

Westword - Colorado

Over the past few weeks, the abandoned IMAC warehouse in RiNo has been a hub of activity. Inside, five artists have been hard at work, pulling multiple twelve-hour days to turn the building into an immersive piece of art before its demolition. It's all …

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