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 "5 best practices to ensure security of third-party APIs."

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16 JUNE, 2023

5 best practices to ensure the security of third-party APIs

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have become integral to setting up functionality and flexibility. But they’re also potential attack vectors that need to be high on the security team’s radar.

Image: Security culture improving in businesses despite factors holding teams back

Security culture improving in businesses despite factors holding teams back

Most CISOs have observed improved security culture in their organizations over the last 12 months despite slowing budgets, competing priorities, and insufficient staffing.

UK universities at high risk of cybersecurity incidents due to breached credentials

More than 2 million breached credentials from the top 100 UK institutions have been detected on the dark web.

Salvation Army’s SATCoL launches free data wiping service for UK businesses

SATCoL will destroy data from donated laptops, PCs, phones, and tablets to the UK standard for free, reducing data destruction risks and costs for businesses.

Artificial intelligence is coming to Windows: Are your security policy settings ready?

AI seems to be getting embedded in everything these days, and it’s coming to Microsoft Windows. It’s time now to ensure your policies are sufficient to handle the change and — risks — it will bring.

To solve the cybersecurity worker gap, forget the job title and search for the skills you need

CISOs who focus on identifying job candidates with the skills they need are finding talent from other fields and functions to help them get their cybersecurity work done.

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