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"What is the Cybercrime Atlas?  How can it help disrupt cybercrime?"

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02 JUNE, 2023

What is the Cybercrime Atlas? How it can help disrupt cybercrime

The Cybercrime Atlas aims to map the cybercriminal ecosystem worldwide and allow global law enforcement agencies to access that information when fighting cybercrime.

Image: ISACA pledges to help grow cybersecurity workforce in Europe

ISACA pledges to help grow cybersecurity workforce in Europe

ISACA will provide 20,000 free memberships to students across Europe and support the identification of qualified cybersecurity candidates for organizations.

Upskilling the non-technical: finding cyber certification and training for internal hires

A shortage of cybersecurity talent in the market? The solution could be close to home — upskilling and re-skilling non-technical employees. Here are some programs to help make them job-ready.

Armed Forces vets well-suited to cybersecurity, says UK Cyber Security Council

Veterans are used to careers in high stakes environments and coping well under pressure, so providing more pathways into cyber for veterans should be a priority.

Screen recording Android app found to be spying on users

iRecorder was a legitimate app made available on Google Play Store in September 2021. A remote access trojan AhRat was most likely added to it a year later.

BigID wants to let you tweak your data classifications manually

Sailing the seas of enterprise data may get easier, with BigID’s latest release. The company hopes to make discovery simpler by letting individual users tune its automated discovery engine to their own needs.

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