"Baracuda ESG zero-day attacks linked to suspected Chinese hackers."

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Barracuda ESG zero-day attacks linked to suspected Chinese hackers

  • A suspected pro-China hacker group tracked by Mandiant as UNC4841 has been linked to data-theft attacks on Barracuda ESG (Email Security Gateway) appliances using a now-patched zero-day vulnerability.

  • Hacker bright

Russian hackers use PowerShell USB malware to drop backdoors

  • The Russian state-sponsored hacking group Gamaredon (aka Armageddon, or Shuckworm) continues to target critical organizations in Ukraine's military and security intelligence sectors, employing a refreshed toolset and new infection tactics.

  • Windows 11

Microsoft: Windows Kernel CVE-2023-32019 fix is disabled by default

  • Microsoft has released an optional fix to address a Kernel information disclosure vulnerability affecting systems running multiple Windows versions, including the latest Windows 10, Windows Server, and Windows 11 releases.

  • Enlisted

WannaCry ransomware impersonator targets Russian "Enlisted" FPS players

  • A ransomware operation targets Russian players of the Enlisted multiplayer first-person shooter, using a fake website to spread trojanized versions of the game.

  • Google Chrome

Windows 11 KB5027231 update breaks Google Chrome for Malwarebytes users

  • Malwarebytes confirmed today that the Windows 11 22H2 KB5027231 cumulative update released this Patch Tuesday breaks Google Chrome on its customers' systems.

  • Chrome flare

New ‘Shampoo’ Chromeloader malware pushed via fake warez sites

  • A new ChromeLoader campaign is underway, infecting visitors of warez and pirated movie sites with a new variant of the search hijacker and adware browser extension named Shampoo.

  • Russian military hacker

Microsoft links data wiping attacks to new Russian GRU hacking group

  • Microsoft has linked a threat group it tracks as Cadet Blizzard since April 2023 to Russia's Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces (also known as GRU).

  • Cybersecurity Lock World

Chinese hackers use DNS-over-HTTPS for Linux malware communication

  • The Chinese threat group 'ChamelGang' infects Linux devices with a previously unknown implant named 'ChamelDoH,' allowing DNS-over-HTTPS communications with attackers' servers.

  • LockBit

CISA: LockBit ransomware extorted $91 million in 1,700 U.S. attacks

  • U.S. and international cybersecurity authorities said in a joint LockBit ransomware advisory that the gang successfully extorted roughly $91 million following approximately 1,700 attacks against U.S. organizations since 2020.

  • Hacker AI cybersecurity Artificial Intelligence

Fake zero-day PoC exploits on GitHub push Windows, Linux malware

  • Hackers are impersonating cybersecurity researchers on Twitter and GitHub to publish fake proof-of-concept exploits for zero-day vulnerabilities that infect Windows and Linux with malware.

  • Windows

Pirated Windows 10 ISOs install clipper malware via EFI partitions

  • Hackers are distributing Windows 10 using torrents that hide cryptocurrency hijackers in the EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface) partition to evade detection.

  • Windows

Microsoft: Windows 10 21H2 has reached end of servicing

  • Multiple editions of Windows 10 21H2 have reached their end of service (EOS) in this month's Patch Tuesday, as Microsoft reminded customers today.

  • Windows

Microsoft fixes Windows 11 issue causing copying, saving failures

  • Microsoft has addressed a known issue causing intermittent failures when saving and copying files on Windows 11 22H2 devices (especially when working with network shares).

  • Windows 11

Windows 11 KB5027231 cumulative update released with 34 changes

  • Microsoft has released the Windows 11 22H2 KB5027231 cumulative update to fix security vulnerabilities and introduce 34 changes, improvements, and bug fixes.



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