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"Japanese pharma giant Eisai discloses ransomware attack."

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Japanese pharma giant Eisai discloses ransomware attack

  • Pharmaceutical company Eisai has disclosed it suffered a ransomware incident that impacted its operations, admitting that attackers encrypted some of its servers.

  • BlackSuit Black Suit

Royal ransomware gang adds BlackSuit encryptor to their arsenal

  • The Royal ransomware gang has begun testing a new encryptor called BlackSuit that shares many similarities with the operation's usual encryptor.

  • Barracuda

Barracuda says hacked ESG appliances must be replaced immediately

  • Email and network security company Barracuda warns customers they must replace Email Security Gateway (ESG) appliances hacked in attacks targeting a now-patched zero-day vulnerability.

  • Honda Mower

Honda API flaws exposed customer data, dealer panels, internal docs

  • Honda's e-commerce platform for power equipment, marine, lawn & garden, was vulnerable to unauthorized access by anyone due to API flaws that allow password reset for any account.

  • Cisco

Cisco fixes AnyConnect bug giving Windows SYSTEM privileges

  • Cisco has fixed a high-severity vulnerability found in Cisco Secure Client (formerly AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client) software that can let attackers escalate privileges to the SYSTEM account used by the operating system.

  • Cryptocurrency

Lazarus hackers linked to the $35 million Atomic Wallet heist

  • The notorious North Korean hacking group known as Lazarus has been linked to the recent Atomic Wallet hack, resulting in the theft of over $35 million in crypto.

  • Minecraft

New Fractureiser malware used CurseForge Minecraft mods to infect Windows, Linux

  • Hackers used the popular Minecraft modding platforms Bukkit and CurseForge to distribute a new 'Fractureiser' information-stealing malware through uploaded modifications and by injecting malicious code into existing projects.

  • VMware

VMware fixes critical vulnerabilities in vRealize network analytics tool

  • VMware issued multiple security patches today to address critical and high-severity vulnerabilities in VMware Aria Operations for Networks, allowing attackers to gain remote execution or access sensitive information.

  • Cisco

CEO guilty of selling counterfeit Cisco devices to military, govt orgs

  • A Florida man has pleaded guilty to importing and selling counterfeit Cisco networking equipment to various organizations, including education, government agencies, healthcare, and the military.

  • FBI

Sextortionists are making AI nudes from your social media images

  • The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is warning of a rising trend of malicious actors creating deepfake nude content from social media images to perform sextortion attacks.

  • Android

Over 60,000 Android apps secretly installed adware for past six months

  • Over 60,000 Android apps disguised as legitimate applications have been quietly installing adware on mobile devices while remaining undetected for the past six months.

  • Outlook hit by outages as hacktivists claim DDoS attacks

  • is suffering a series of outages today after being down multiple times yesterday, with hacktivists known as Anonymous Sudan claiming to perform DDoS attacks on the service.

  • Microsoft

Microsoft to pay $20 million for XBOX children privacy violations

  • Microsoft has agreed to pay a $20 million fine and change data privacy procedures for children to settle Federal Trade Commission (FTC) charges over Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) violations.



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