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"China's Volt Typhoon snoops into US infrastructure, with special attention to Guam."

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Daily Briefing

May 25, 2023.

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At a glance.

  • China's Volt Typhoon snoops into US infrastructure, with special attention to Guam.
  • Iranian cyber ops against Israeli targets.
  • Blacktail, a new ransomware group using recycled ransomware.
  • Operation Magalenha, a Brazilian persistent campaign targeting Portuguese financial institutions.
  • Botnet targets gaming industry.
  • Phishing attempts impersonate OpenAI.
  • Geolocation graffiti.
  • What's up with KillNet.

China's Volt Typhoon snoops into US infrastructure, with special attention to Guam.

A joint advisory from all Five Eyes (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States) reports a major Chinese cyberespionage operation that's succeeded in penetrating a range of US critical infrastructure sectors. Microsoft, in its own report on Volt Typhoon, as the threat activity is being called, says the group has been active since at least the middle of 2021. The targets of the spying have extended to the communications, manufacturing, utility, transportation, construction, maritime, government, information technology, and education sectors. Microsoft writes that, "Observed behavior suggests that the threat actor intends to perform espionage and maintain access without being detected for as long as possible." It does this, the Five Eyes stress, by carefully living off the land, exploiting existing legitimate administrative tools and privileges in its targets.

Much of Volt Typhoon's activity has been directed against Guam, a US Territory in the Western Pacific that hosts important US military bases. Those bases would be important to any US intervention on behalf of Taiwan, should China decide to take a page from Russia's geopolitical playbook and invade what it regards as a renegade province. For its part China dismisses the reports as a coordinated American disinformation campaign, and denies that it's engaged in any of the activities the Five Eyes and Microsoft associate with Volt Typhoon.

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Iranian cyber ops against Israeli targets.

Iranian threat actor Agrius has been observed continuing to target entities in Israel, Check Point reports. What appear to be destructive ransomware attacks are actually masking influence operations, the researchers suggest. The APT group, now calling both itself and its newest ransomware strain “Moneybird,” has been seen in recent attacks deploying their unseen ransomware written in C++. While the researchers did not elaborate on what organizations were victimized, the Record writes, the techniques reflect that of Agrius. Public-facing web servers were the initial point of compromise, which, when entered, allowed for reconnaissance and data stealing, as the hackers were able to move laterally within networks.

Information Security Buzz reports that another Iranian threat group is attacking Israeli shipping and logistics companies to lift customers’ data. Israeli cyber firm ClearSky says with “low confidence” that this may be the work of Tortoiseshell (known also as TA456 and Imperial Kitten). At least eight websites were impacted by the campaign, including “SNY Cargo, logistics company Depolog, and restaurant equipment supplier SZM.” Al-Monitor says what the firm calls a “watering hole attack,” or an attack infecting the website of a specific group, has also victimized some organizations in the financial services industry. The majority of websites, as of mid-April, had been purged of the malicious code.

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Blacktail, a new ransomware group using recycled ransomware.

A new ransomware operation calling itself Buhti has been discovered by researchers at Symantec. The tool uses variants of Lockbit and Babuk ransomware, as well as a custom infostealer which is able to search for and archive specified file types. “Buhti, which first came to public attention in February 2023, was initially reported to be attacking Linux computers. However, Symantec’s Threat Hunter Team has also uncovered attempts to attack Windows computers on compromised networks.” wrote Symantec. The researchers were unable to attribute this new campaign to any known threat actors and thus have dubbed the associated group “Blacktail.” 

Operation Magalenha, a Brazilian persistent campaign targeting Portuguese financial institutions.

SentinelLabs released a report today regarding a campaign they have observed targeting Portuguese financial institutions. Researchers have reported that the campaign is now targeting over 30 financial institutions, and assess with high confidence that this campaign is being conducted by a Brazilian threat group. “This conclusion is further supported by the presence of Brazilian-Portuguese language usage within the infrastructure configurations and malware implementations. We refer to the campaign conducted by this threat group as Operation Magalenha.” write the researchers. Operation Magalenha’s infrastructure shows some features that differentiate it from other campaigns: use of two PeepingTitle variants used simultaneously on the same infected machine. The operation also uses Timeweb Cloud, “a Russian IaaS provider known for its lenient anti-abuse policies, diverging from primarily relying on providers implementing stricter measures, such as DigitalOcean and Dropbox.” The operation uses multiple infection vectors such as phishing emails, malicious websites advertising fake installers of popular software, and social engineering.

Botnet targets gaming industry.

Akamai this morning detailed the activities of a new botnet by the name of Dark Frost, observed targeting the gaming industry. This botnet consists of stolen code from other botnets, particularly Mirai, Gafgyt, and Qbot. The threat actor seems driven, at least in part, by a need for attention, as they have been observed on social media channels not only admitting to their illicit botnet creation and use, but have been seen sharing live recordings of their attacks. The botnet has launched distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks against not only gaming companies, but game server hosting providers, online streamers, and various other members of the gaming community. While the malware was unsophisticated, it was capable of significant damage. Threat actors are seeing a significantly lower bar to entry, with an ever-growing amount of source code from existing malware strains available, as well as access to AI code generation.

Phishing attempts impersonate OpenAI.

INKY has detailed a new phishing attack that impersonates ChatGPT creator OpenAI for credential harvesting. The threat actors are using a multitude of techniques in this brand impersonation phishing attack, including spoofing, dynamic redirection, and utilizing malicious links. They falsify an email that appears to be from OpenAI that researchers say appears “nearly identical to the one users receive when they sign up for a new ChatGPT OpenAI account.” The hackers spoof the email address to appear to come from the IT department of the receiver. They swap out the safe link in the legitimate email for a malicious link that asks for a user’s credentials. If they’re entered, then they’re stolen.

Geolocation graffiti.

The UK's Ministry of Defence this morning pointed out a geolocation-spoofing stunt. "Analysis by Geollect indicates that since 14 May 2023, commercial vessels’ Automatic Identification System (AIS) data has been remotely spoofed to create the impression of a 65km long Russian pro-war Z symbol on the Black Sea, visible on open source tracking software. AIS is used to track vessels, including to ensure their safety. Tracks making up the image suggested vessel speeds of up to 102 knots (188 km/h), further suggesting they were fake. Pro-Russian actors likely conducted the spoofing as an information operation, potentially in an attempt to bolster Russian morale ahead of an anticipated Ukrainian counter offensive. The spoofing of AIS increases the risk of maritime accidents. Despite Russian virtual information operations in the Black Sea, its physical navy remains vulnerable: the Ivan Khurs intelligence gathering vessel was likely attacked on 24 May 2023."

What's up with KillNet.

KillNet's boss-cum-spokesperson, KillMilk, this week announced that he was firing a bunch of his hacktivists. The Russian outlet reports that “According to information received from a number of Killnet participants, this is primarily about clearing the organization of small groups that make insufficient or insufficiently professional contribution to attacks on the infrastructure of Western countries. At the same time, the activities of the association will continue, although at first Killmilk really plans to work alone." So, hacktivists, up your game or you're out.

The CyberWire's continuing coverage of Russia's war against Ukraine, with special attention to the cyber phases of that war, may be found here.



Today's issue includes events affecting Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Canada, China, the European Union, Iran, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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