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"Hackers promise AI, install malware instead."

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SecurityWeek News Briefing | Wednesday, May 3, 2023

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Open Banking

Open Banking: A Perfect Storm for Security and Privacy? - Open banking can be described as a perfect storm for cybersecurity. At one end, small startups with financial acumen but little or no security expertise or resources, are rushing new products to market. (Read More)

SecurityWeek Expert Insights

Reigning in ‘Out-of-Control’ Devices - Out-of-control devices run the gamut from known to unknown and benign to malicious, and where you draw the line is unique to your organization. (Matt Wilson)

Cybersecurity Futurism for Beginners - How will Artificial Intelligence develop in the near term, and how will this impact us as security planners and practitioners?

(Oliver Rochford)

Looking for a New Security Technology? Choose a Partner, not a Vendor - An important area of differentiation to evaluate when you make your next security investment is the vendor’s effectiveness when it comes to customer success. (Marc Solomon)

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