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"Airbnb:  Crawling with spy cams and top cities for cybersecurity jobs."

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A Disturbing Number of People Have Found Cameras at Their Vacation Rentals

Many vacationers report that they search for a camera upon arriving at their accommodations—and end up with an uncomfortable discovery. Here's where cameras are most likely to be placed.

Skiff Delivers Excellent Encrypted Email

You don’t have to pay a thing for Skiff's end-to-end encrypted email, file sharing, calendar management, and collaboration. It’s easy to use yet also includes advanced features for the technically inclined.

6 Ways Kids Are Getting Around Parental Controls on Apple's Screen Time

Your kids are smart and probably more tech-savvy than you. If you're trying to limit their iPhone screen time, here are some tricks they may be using to outsmart you.

Trojan Apps on Google Play Caught Subscribing to Unwanted Paid Services

The malicious apps, which offered photo editing and wallpapers, were collectively downloaded over 620,000 times on Google Play, according to Kaspersky.

Mullvad VPN Gets an Excellent Rating

Mullvad VPN secures your connection and protects your privacy for an unbeatable price and with a sterling record for protecting customer privacy.

Ransomware Attack on Dallas Shuts Down the City's Online Services

The websites for the city government and local police are currently offline. A ransomware gang called Royal is reportedly behind the attack.

Pornhub Blocks Access in Utah: Here's How to Watch Anyway

To protest a new age-verification law, Pornhub blocks access in Utah. These tools can help those in the state get around that, but this type of legislation is part of a troubling trend.

Headset Maker Says 'Ransomware Time-Bomb' Bricked Its Devices
Hackers to Put AI Models From Google, OpenAI, More to the Test at Defcon 31
These Are the Best US Cities and States to Find IT and Cybersecurity Jobs
TikTok Created List of Users Who Watched LGBT Content
Reviewed: Webroot Premium
Hackers Leak Private Keys for MSI Products, Making It Easier to Attack Them
Rated: The Best Identity Theft Protection Software
14 Essential Apps for Ironclad Online Privacy
Even Your Mac Needs Antivirus Protection
This Software Stops Spyware Dead
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