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"Google rolls out passkey support across all major platforms."

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Google has begun rolling out support for passkeys across Google Accounts on all major platforms, adding a new sign-in option that can be used alongside passwords and two-step verification. The tech giant announced passkey availability on the eve of World Password Day as it looks to introduce more secure, reliable sign-in options. The rollout comes in the wake of Google updates on bringing passkey
Researchers warn that attackers are relying more on malicious HTML files in their attacks, with malicious files now accounting for half of all HTML attachments sent via email. This rate of malicious HTML prevalence is double compared to what it was last year and doesn't appear to be the result of mass attack campaigns that send the same attachment to a large number of people. "When it comes to at
Ransomware group BlackCat has released a set of screenshots on its leak site that it claims are from data stolen from Western Digital in an April system breach. The images include screenshots of videoconferences and internal emails of the storage device manufacturer, according to a tweet by cybersecurity researcher Dominic Alvieri. The screenshots also included an image of a recent meeting held b
The ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) has approved a set of security specifications for internet of things (IoT) systems. The oneM2M specifications define a common set of IoT service functions to enable secure data exchange and information interoperability across different vertical sectors, service providers, and use cases. The specifications were approved by more than 190 coun


As artificial intelligence and machine learning models become more firmly woven into the enterprise IT fabric and the cyberattack infrastructure, security teams will need to level up their skills to meet a whole new generation of AI-based cyber risks. Forward-looking CISOs are already being called upon to think about newly emerging risks like generative AI-enabled phishing attacks that will be mo
The way we do business has changed dramatically over the last several years. To remain agile and competitive, organizations must embrace digital transformation. But doing so securely means stepping outside the old ways of establishing a network perimeter, protecting it, and trusting everything inside. Doing things the way they have always been done doesn’t work in the hybrid workplace, where the
Samsung has reportedly banned employee use of generative AI tools like ChatGPT in a bid to stop transmission of sensitive internal data to external servers. The South Korean electronics giant issued a memo to a key division, notifying employees not to use AI tools, according to a report by Bloomberg , which said it reviewed the memo. Bloomberg did not report which division received the memo. To r
Data security authorization vendor Veza has announced a new solution for access security and governance across SaaS applications including Salesforce, GitHub, and Slack. Veza for SaaS Apps allows customers to automate access reviews, find and fix privilege access violations, trim privilege sprawl, and prevent SaaS misconfigurations – securing the attack surface associated with widespread SaaS app

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It’s no secret that humans are the biggest vulnerability to any corporate network. Whether it’s an inability to properly manage password complexity across multiple systems, poor social media habits, or even a lack of awareness with things like email links, online shopping, or app and software usage. A major problem for businesses, particularly in a post-COVID world with so many people working rem
ChatGPT is again available to users in Italy, after being temporarily banned by the country's data privacy authority for possible violations of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Italy's Guarantor for the Protection of Personal Data announced the reinstatement of ChatGPT Friday, after Microsoft-backed OpenAI, the creator of the generative AI service, made changes requested by the
Misinformation and cybersecurity incidents have become the top scourges of the modern digital era. Rarely does a day go by without significant news of a damaging misinformation threat, a ransomware attack, or another malicious


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