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SecurityWeek News Briefing | Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Latest Cybersecurity News
Best Practices: Driving Developer Adoption of Security Tools

Now on Demand: Zero Trust Strategies Summit - Enjoy sessions on demand as we decipher the confusing world of zero trust and share war stories on securing organizations by eliminating implicit trust. (Watch Now)

Best Practices: Driving Developer Adoption of Security Tools

Check out the Driving Developer Adoption cheat sheet to learn practical tips on scaling security through your devs by focusing on the three areas of change: Culture, Process, and Tooling.

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Driving Developer Adoption of Security Tools

SecurityWeek Expert Insights

Securing the Chaos – Harnessing Dispersed Multi-Cloud, Hybrid Environments - When every environment is treated the same, teams get consistent visibility, a unified view, and a common language to describe what’s happening for detection, investigation, and response across dispersed multi-cloud and hybrid environments. (Matt Wilson)

Tackling the Challenge of Actionable Intelligence Through Context - Making threat intelligence actionable requires more than automation; it also requires contextualization and prioritization. (Marc Solomon)

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Best Practices: Driving Developer Adoption of Security Tools (Sponsored)

Best Practices: Driving Developer Adoption of Security Tools
ChatGPT Privacy and Ethical Implications

ChatGPT, the AI Revolution, and the Security, Privacy and Ethical Implications Two of humanity’s greatest drivers, greed and curiosity, will push AI development forward. Our only hope is that we can control it. (Read More)

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