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"Russia has intensified its cyberwar against Ukraine's partners."

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Daily update · April 15, 2023



In recent weeks, Russia has significantly increased cyber threat activity targeting Ukraine's partners. According to an Ukrinform correspondent, Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand announced this in Ottawa. "Since Russia's unjustified and …

The University of Rhode Island

KINGSTON, R.I. – April 14, 2023 – Since its advent, the internet has been hailed as a tool to connect people and nations, share knowledge, break down barriers and make our lives easier. Yet, a global internet that is free and open carries with it inherent …

Daily Mirror

Ukrainian hackers broke into Sergey Morgachev's AliExpress account and ordered several sex toys and gay pride flags in his name in an "symbolic act of moral humiliation" Sergei Morgachev, a Russian top-ranking spy, was hacked ( Image: …

The Sun

A SENIOR Russian military spy dubbed has been inundated with sex toys after his personal email was hacked. Ukrainian hackers claimed they gained access to the account of Sergey Morgachev, Putin's Lieutenant Colonel at Moscow's military intelligence …

The Scottish Sun

A BORED teenager "broke the internet" in one of the most infamous hacking attacks of all time - turning him overnight into one of the world's most wanted men. Michael Calce was just 15 when he brought down the biggest sites on the web, became …

Al Mayadeen

Remaining silent about "Israel's" arrogant actions is no longer an option and is not possible. However, we may need more time to understand Damascus' mindset and the extent to which Syria may go in its reactions. The Knesset's holiday …

The Washington Times

Top American cybersecurity officials are working to prevent a digital war with China and are ramping up outreach to allies overseas to bolster defenses ahead of any future conflict. Foreign participation is growing in a major U.S.-run cybertraining …

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

The federal government will bring major banks and financial services companies together to practice responses to future cyber attacks. Banks and financial services companies will drill responses to cyber attacks and data breaches The federal government is …

Brisbane Times

“How would government work with that company to get services back online? If one of our big four banks is down, who can assist in providing services to those customers? How can we make sure the country continues to function properly while we solve the …

National Post

Breadcrumb Trail Links World True Crime News Canadian Politics Canada Killnet launched DDoS attacks on the prime minister’s office, the Canadian Transportation Agency, Statistics Canada, CP Rail and more Pearson International Airport, one of multiple …

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