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"Tesla hacked twice at Pwn2Own Exploit Contest."

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Russ Roberts

SecurityWeek News Briefing | Friday, March 24, 2023

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The DevSecGuide to IaC Security

Webinar | Tuesday, March 28th

Understanding Hidden Third-Party Identity Access Risks

Join SecurityWeek and Saviynt as we delve into the topic of Hidden Third-Party Identity Access Risks and explore the potential security threats that can arise when third parties are granted access to an organization's sensitive data or systems. 

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SecurityWeek Expert Insights

Tackling the Challenge of Actionable Intelligence Through Context - Making threat intelligence actionable requires more than automation; it also requires contextualization and prioritization. (Marc Solomon)

Malware Trends: What’s Old Is Still New - Many of the most successful cybercriminals are shrewd; they want good ROI, but they don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel to get it. (Derek Manky)

Are Encryption and Zero Trust Breaking Key Protections? Compliance and ZTNA are driving encryption into every aspect of an organization’s network and enterprise and, in turn, forcing us to change how we think about protecting our environments. (Matt Wilson)

How the Best CISOs Drive Operational Resilience - Cyberattacks have exposed a myriad of vulnerabilities in our healthcare infrastructure, and will continue to do so as new and innovative medical technologies are developed. (Galina Antova)

Burnout in Cybersecurity

Burnout in Cybersecurity – Can It Be Prevented? - Security professionals understand the need for resilience in their company’s security posture, but often fail to build their own psychological resilience to stress. (Read More)

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The DevSecGuide to IaC Security

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