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Bad day for Tesla, as Tesla gets Pwnd.

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Tesla Gets Pwned, Owned

Hackers at Pwn2Own gained access to Tesla Gateway and a Model 3's infotainment system. They earned $350K and a Model 3 for finding the vulnerabilities.

Stop Trackers Dead With a Privacy-Focused Browser

Online marketers mine your data and target you for sales. Foil their efforts with the tracking protection and privacy features offered by these secure browsers.

White House Exec Order Bans Government Use of Most Commercial Spyware

A new Biden administration policy targets spyware vendors like NSO Group.

Why You Need a VPN, and How to Choose the Right One

A VPN can protect your privacy, if you use it right. We explain what VPNs do, what they don't, and how to get the most out of a VPN.

Gold Medal for Big Brother? AI Will Monitor Paris 2024 Olympics for Threats

Using AI-powered video surveillance is required to 'meet the greatest security challenge in its history,' according to the French government.

UK Sets Up Fake DDoS-for-Hire Sites to Trap Hackers

'We will not reveal how many sites we have or for how long they have been running,' the UK's National Crime Agency says.

How to Make Backups, the Last Line of Defense

The File History feature in Windows 10 and Windows 11 allows you to automatically back up important files and documents to an external location. You can then recover them in a pinch.

DEA Uses Apple AirTag to Track Drug-Related Shipment From China
Kids in Utah Are Going to Hate These New Social Media Laws
Microsoft Issues Fixes for 'Acropalypse' Windows Screenshot Bug
Hackers on Edge as FBI Reportedly Gains Access to BreachForums Database
Multi-Factor Authentication: Who Has It and How to Set It Up
Leaked Twitter Source Code Was Available Online for Months
Get Robust Security With a Suite
Encrypt Your Data Now
VPNs Deliver Privacy
Cheap VPNs Can Be Excellent, Too
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