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"iPhone users targeted in phone AND data theft campaign."

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Malwarebytes Newsletter
iPhone users targeted in phone AND data theft campaign
When is an iPhone theft not just an iPhone theft? When the user's Apple ID, and more, goes with it.
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Fighting online censorship, or, encryption's latest surprise use-case: Podcast
This week on Lock and Code, host David Ruiz speaks with Mallory Knodel about the stories that countries tell their people to fear encryption, and why the most recent threats to encryption are different.
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LastPass was undone by an attack on a remote employee
LastPass has said the attackers responsible for its breach compromised a remote worker's computer in order to get inside the network.
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AI voice cracks telephone banking voice recognition
Now we have freely-available AI happily replicating people’s voices, could it be a security risk? Recent research suggests that it could.
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