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"New email threat by Exotic Lily phishing campaign."

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Latest Cybersecurity News And Articles

New Email Threats by Exotic Lily

New Email Threats by Exotic Lily - Cybersecurity news
ReliaQuest has laid bare the detail of a phishing campaign by IAB Exotic Lily wherein its members pretend to be a potential business opportunity. The attackers follow a well-established procedure that typically commences with initiating an open conversation with the victim. ReliaQuest adv ... Read More

8220 Gang Uses New ScrubCrypt Crypter to Evade Detection

8220 Gang Uses New ScrubCrypt Crypter to Evade Detection - Cybersecurity news
Chinese 8220 Gang deployed the new ScrubCrypt payload exploiting an Oracle Weblogic Server in a specific URI between January and February 2023, revealed security experts at Fortinet. The ScrubCrypt crypter allows a hacker to secure applications with a unique BAT packing technique. It was found to b ... Read More

White House Allocates $3.1bn to Cybersecurity in New Budget

The White House has allocated a total of $3.1bn to cybersecurity infrastructure in its latest budget report. The document shows $145m of this figure will go toward making the CISA “more resilient and defensible.”

GoBruteforcer: Golang-Based Botnet Actively Harvests Web Servers

Go programming language is a newer language that’s becoming more popular with malware programmers. It has proven to be versatile enough to develop all kinds of malware, including ransomware, stealers or remote access trojans (RATs).

Unpatched Akuvox Smart Intercom Vulnerabilities Can Be Exploited for Spying

A smart intercom product made by Chinese company Akuvox is affected by more than a dozen vulnerabilities, including potentially serious flaws that can be exploited for spying.

IceFire Operators Introduces Linux Variant, Abuse IBM Flaw

IceFire Operators Introduces Linux Variant, Abuse IBM Flaw - Cybersecurity news
Media and entertainment sector organizations worldwide are under attack by the threat actor using the Linux version of the IceFire ransomware. SentinelLabs first made this observation and found that criminals abused a deserialization bug in IBM Aspera Faspex file sharing software, tracked as CVE-20 ... Read More

Vulnerability Revealed OpenSea NFT Market Users’ Identities

The Imperva Red Team discovered a vulnerability affecting the world’s largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea. It is a cross-site search (XS-Search) vulnerability that can be exploited by an attacker to obtain a user’s identity.

White House Budget Seeks to Bolster US Tech Development, Modernize Standards

The budget proposes $3.1 billion for the CISA. This includes “$98 million to implement the Cyber Incident Reporting for Critical Infrastructure Act,” as well as “$425 million to improve CISA’s internal cybersecurity and analytical capabilities.”

BMW exposes data of clients in Italy, experts warn

If a malicious hacker were to discover the flaw, they could exploit it to access customer data, steal the company’s source code, and look for other vulnerabilities to exploit.

Socure Secures $95 Million Credit Facility with J.P. Morgan, Silicon Valley Bank, and KeyBanc Capital Markets

This line of credit will further strengthen the company's financial position as it continues on its mission to be the first and only solution provider to verify 100% of good identities in real-time and eliminate identity fraud on the internet.


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