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Daily update · February 4, 2023


Comic Book Resources (CBR)

In the world of Cyberpunk Red, the tabletop RPG tied to the Cyberpunk franchise, players take on the roles of mercs, cyberpunks, and edgerunners, trying to make a decent living in Mike Pondsmith's unforgiving Night City without dying in the process. …


FEBRUARY 1, 2023 — Special ops veteran offers unconventional approach to gaining competitive edge. Sometimes the best way to win — in battle, in business or in life — requires breaking the rules. Nobody understands this better than Bronze Star Medal and …

The Jerusalem Post

If there is a resolution to the Russia-Ukraine war in 2023, countries worldwide can expect to see cyber warfare become worse, not better, former IDF intelligence Unit 8200 chief and Team8 Co-Founder and CEO Nadav Zafrir said on Tuesday. “Cyber as part of …


Over the past year, over 2,000 Russian cyber attacks on registries holding citizens’ personal data, as well as information systems of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, and energy sector were officially recorded in Ukraine. This was …

Financial Express

By Khushhal Kaushik  The growing impact of global computing technology, coupled with increased network penetration across sectors, regions, and applications, has ushered in a crisis that threatens to wreak havoc if not addressed on time. Cyber-attacks are …

The Express Tribune

West blames Russia for executing massive missile strikes using precision-guided munitions to attack, disrupt and destroy critical infrastructure including the electric power industry of Ukraine. In the ongoing Russia-Ukraine crisis and in the fog of war it …


Japanese soldiers marching with armoured vehicles. Image: Akiyoko/Shutterstock Tim Marshall considers the new role the Japanese will be taking in regional geopolitics Japan began to rouse itself during the first period in office of the late prime …

Atlantic Council

Vladimir Putin’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine is fast approaching the one-year mark, but the attack actually started more than a month before columns of Russian tanks began pouring across the border on February 24, 2022. In the middle of January, Russia …

Eurasia Review

It was back in the 1990s that the Chinese began to realize that Israel was fast becoming a global technology hub.  Previous frosty relations began to thaw, and China started to engage with Israel’s growing hi-tech, partly to enhance Chinese power in the …

TIME Magazine

Millions of Americans may love TikTok, but there’s a growing coalition in Congress that wants to crack down on the video-sharing platform, with some lawmakers trying to ban it completely. Last week, two of Washington’s staunchest China hawks—Sen. Josh …


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