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"How Alan Turing still casts his genius in the age of cyberwar."

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How Alan Turing still casts his genius in the age of cyberwar

China-Taiwan ‘cyber war’ impacts Australia

US is a ‘step behind China’ who are using cyber warfare to ‘weaponize free speech,’ Trump’s ex-defense security warns

Russia had ongoing cyberwar with Ukraine years before invasion - cybersec expert

Taiwanese official declares cyber war with China already underway

How Australia could be caught in the crossfire of the China-Taiwan cyber war

By Land and by Sea, Challenges Today and Tomorrow: Interview with Admiral James G. Foggo

Notes from Central Taiwan: The long fall of Shih Ming-teh

From Huawei to TikTok, Chinese tech giants face scrutiny amid spying concerns

Will China Become the World’s Technology Superpower?

Air Guard makes the case for newer planes

How would US troops fight a numerically superior enemy today?

ISMG Editors: How Police Nabbed the Notorious Zeekill Hacker

DoD Testing AI Tech to Help With Contract Writing

Russian Generals Killed in War 'Unbelievably High': Japanese Intelligence

Chinese military unit involved in balloon operation: sources

Kyodo News Digest: Feb. 9, 2023

Is the US losing the artificial intelligence arms race?

Russia loses over 20 generals in Ukraine – media


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