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"Attacks on industrial infrastructure on the rise...."

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15 FEBRUARY, 2023

Attacks on industrial infrastructure on the rise, defenses struggle to keep up

A Dragos report shows threat actors new and old have the potential to cause major disruptions of critical infrastructure.

Image: Sponsored by Palo Alto Networks: The value of ‘code to cloud’ security

Sponsored by Palo Alto Networks: The value of ‘code to cloud’ security

Vulnerabilities like the Apache Log4j pose major problems to businesses, who may suffer revenue as well as reputational consequences. Find out how businesses can improve their resilience by ensuring cloud native apps have been rigorously tested before they are deployed to the live environment.

Expel announces MDR for Kubernetes with MITRE ATT&CK framework alignment

Expel MDR for Kubernetes addresses three core layers of Kubernetes applications: configuration, control panel, and run-time security.

Yes, CISOs should be concerned about the types of data spy balloons can intercept

The Chinese airship that floated over the US and Canada was likely a multipurpose intelligence platform, gathering a variety of information types. It could gather data from corporate, government, or agricultural sources on the ground.

UK/US cybercrime crackdown sees 7 ransomware criminals sanctioned

Seven cybercriminals linked to the Trickbot ransomware group have been sanctioned to travel bans, asset freezes, and are severely restricted in their use of the global financial system.

Measuring cybersecurity: The what, why, and how

CISOs need to report the key security performance and risk indicators to executive teams in way that they find meaningful and actionable.

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