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Preparing for the effects of Quantum Super Computing.

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Preparing for the Effects of Quantum-Centric Supercomputing
While it has been a perennial forecast that efficient universal quantum computers are “a decade away,” that prospect now seems a legitimate possibility. Organizations need to get ready now.


Security Planning: Ask What Could Go Wrong
Are you asking the right questions about potential scenarios when thinking about disaster recovery and business continuity?
SCOTUS OKs WhatsApp Suit Against NSO Group
Supreme Court rules WhatsApp can sue NSO Group for damages caused by unauthorized Pegasus spyware installations.
Quantum Decryption Breakthrough? Not So Fast
A paper by two dozen Chinese researchers maintains that near-future quantum computers could crack RSA-2048 encryption, but experts call the claims misleading.
NetSPI Acquires nVisium
nVisium's cloud and application security experts join NetSPI to support, scale, and deliver the most comprehensive suite of offensive security solutions.



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