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Email hack hits 15,000 business customers.

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SecurityWeek News Briefing | Thursday, December 15, 2022

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Unknown or Unmanaged Assets in Your Network?

Let's find them.

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Find Unknown Assets on Your Network
Landon Winkelvoss

Mapping Threat Intelligence to the NIST Compliance Framework - Enhancing cybersecurity and compliance programs with actionable intelligence that complements and adds insight can easily justify the investment and growth of threat intelligence programs. - Read the Column by Landon Winkelvoss

Marc Solomon

Removing the Barriers to Security Automation Implementation - When implementing security automation, organizations should starting with an open architecture, focusing on getting the right data for analytics and applying automation methodically in smaller chunks. - Read the Column by Marc Solomon

Jeff Orloff

Three Ways to Improve Defense Readiness Using MITRE D3FEND - The MITRE D3FEND framework is only as effective as the planning that goes into making sure it is properly aligned with the top threats facing the organization. - Read the Column by Jeff Orloff

If you missed it...

Web Scraping - Is It Legal and Can It Be Prevented? - Web scraping is a sensitive issue. Should a third party be allowed to visit a website and use automated tools to gather and store information at scale from that website? What if that information includes personal data? What does the law say? Can it be prevented?

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