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AI startup spills employee data and corporate secrets.

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AI startup spills employee data and corporate secrets 

An Indian startup focusing on artificial intelligence (AI) solutions leaked sensitive corporate data, including extensive information about its projects and employees. 
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Top articles for you:

WhatsApp to stop working on older iPhones and Androids 
Starting 31 December, the popular messaging app will no longer support 49 older smartphones, including two iPhones and seven Samsung Galaxy models. 
Choose your pickings: top five tech TV shows of 2022 
Cybernews decided to help you separate the wheat from the chaff, and hereby humbly declares these five TV shows are the best technology-related pieces of content released in 2022. 
Web3 trends building change we want to see in 2023 
The foundations of Web3 are being built around creating a more inclusive internet. But the early days of blockchain, crypto, and NFTs are more reminiscent of the wild west times of the internet. Instead of looking for the next big thing in 2023, we should pay closer attention to how the space is evolving. 
Most dangerous ransomware groups of 2022 
Over the last year, gangs have dissolved and reformed, but one thing's for certain – they keep coming back. 
Big Tech struggles in 2022: stormy seas, different boats 
The crisis at Silicon Valley is certainly not existential: with tens of thousands of employees laid off and more controversial ideas ditched, tech giants will adapt and survive. Questions about managerial style remain, though. 

Twitter leaking 400m user data won’t affect user confidence 

Users will likely ignore their data being leaked. Meanwhile, data security watchdogs might not be so kind and slap Twitter with a hefty fine. 
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