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SecurityWeek News Briefing | Wednesday, November 23, 2022 | Happy Thanksgiving!

Today's Cybersecurity News Headlines

5 Best Practices for Securing Workloads on AWS

Check out the 5 Best Practices for Securing Workloads on AWS cheat sheet and get useful insights on how to build applications across your AWS application stack rapidly and securely.

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Gordon Lawson

Digesting CISA's Cross-Sector Cybersecurity Performance Goals - Basic cyber hygiene may seem rudimentary, but as highlighted in CISA’s four key challenges above, it is something organizations of all sizes struggle with. Read the Column by Gordon Lawson

Torsten George

Cyber Resilience: The New Strategy to Cope With Increased Threats - When implemented properly, cyber resilience can be considered a preventive measure to counteract human error, malicious actions, and decayed, insecure software. Read the Column by Torsten George

Galina Antova

Risk Mitigation Strategies to Close the XIoT Security Gap - Understanding the vulnerability landscape of the XIoT to properly assess and mitigate risk is critically important to protect livelihoods and lives. Read the Column by Galina Antova

Security Operations Summit - Virtual Event

If you missed it...

Security Researchers Looking at Mastodon as Its Popularity Soars

Cybersecurity researchers are increasingly looking at Mastodon now that the decentralized social media platform’s popularity has soared, and they have started finding vulnerabilities and other security issues.

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