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SecurityWeek Briefing | Wednesday, October 12, 2022


2022 Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Cybersecurity Conference

October 24-27, 2022 | Atlanta

The Hub for Industrial Cybersecurity

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Marie Hattar

Automotive Security Threats Are More Critical Than Ever

Cybersecurity within the automotive industry has a long way to go to catch up to traditional enterprise cybersecurity standards and best practices.  - Read the Column by Marie Hattar

Gordon Lawson

The Zero Day Dilemma

Why are zero day exploits so effective, and so highly prized by bad actors? The reason has to do with the way cyber security defenses work- Read the Column by Gordon Lawson

Video: What's Going on With Cybersecurity VC Investments?

In this panel discussion from SecurityWeek's 2022 CISO Forum, leading cybersecurity investors sit down for a frank discussion of existing market conditions, cybersecurity ‘unicorns’ and potential exit strategies, emerging trends in security innovation, hot (and cold) product categories, and some market predictions as we head into 2023.

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ICS/OT Security Conference

Training: Attacking ICS With Python

2022 ICS Cybersecurity Conference - October 24th - Atlanta

This 8-hour workshop will be a crash course in ICS vulnerabilities and exploitation, providing hands-on, practical training in the carrying out of attacks against various common types of ICS equipment found in the field, including an HMI, PLC and automated circuit breaker.

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