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Russian citizens wage cyber war from within.

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Daily update · October 2, 2022


Kyiv Post

For the first time in known history, hackers from within Russia have begun a systemized effort to hack Russian government affiliated websites. Earlier today, Oct. 2, Kyiv Post was contacted by hackers who identified themselves as part of the National …


When Russia invaded, Ukrainian soldiers not only beat its tanks. They defeated Russa’s cyber soldiers, too, two experts said on the final day of the CEPA Forum. At the beginning of the war, Russia managed to disable Ukraine’s satellite communications. But …

The Financial Times

Grit Daily News

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has been the testing ground for a lot of modern tools that are emblematic of modern war. Russia did obviously take the route of sending in troops to take territory. Still, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that could …


It has been seven months since Russia invaded Ukraine. Despite much speculation, many aspects of the war have ultimately not turned out as expected. The war wasn’t, as Russia had anticipated, a six-day rout—or even a six-month one. And notably, cyber didn’ …

TIME Magazine

Having helped grow Google from a Silicon Valley startup to a global heavyweight, Eric Schmidt appreciates more than almost anyone the power of technology in the modern world. But some things scare him, too. Speaking at the TIME100 Leadership Forum in …

The U.S. Sun

UKRAINE and Russia are locked in the biggest cyber war the world has ever seen, British spy chiefs have revealed. Vladimir Putin’s army of hackers unleashed a barrage of “major cyber attacks" and a disinformation blitz to sow chaos and confusion in …

Executive Magazine

We live in a time when hardly a day goes by without hearing about a cybersecurity incident. The need for a safe and secure digital world significantly grew after the COVID-19 pandemic, as human behavior merged online even more than before, and remote …

RTL Today

Hackings, network sabotage and other cyber warfare campaigns are being intensely deployed by both sides as Russia's invasion of Ukraine grinds on, though the covert operations have not proved decisive on the battlefield -- at least so far. Western …

Bank Information Security

Anna Delaney: [00:04] Welcome to Cybersecurity Unplugged, the CyberTheory podcast where we explore issues that matter in the world of cybersecurity. Steve King: [00:13] Welcome, folks. This is Steve King, the managing director at CyberTheory. Our episode …


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