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Akamai to boost network layer DDoS protection.

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Akamai to boost network-layer DDoS protection with new scrubbing centers
Content delivery network ( CDN ) provider Akamai said Tuesday that its Prolexic DDoS protection service will become able to handle DDoS attacks of up to 20Tbps, thanks to a new wave of construction of so-called scrubbing centers. The company’s announcement said that this will effectively double its current capacity to handle network-level DDoS attacks, with rollouts planned for “all major regions


8 hallmarks of a proactive security strategy
CISOs have long been tasked with building response and recovery capabilities, the objective being to have teams that can react to a security incident as quickly as possible and can restore business functions with as little damage as possible. The need for those activities is certainly not going to go away, but many security chiefs are seeking to take more proactive steps to balance out reactive o
Blockchain security companies tackle cryptocurrency theft, ransom tracing
According to data from the Rekt leaderboard , cybercriminals have stolen as much as $3 billion of investor funds through 141 various cryptocurrency exploits since January, putting 2022 on track to top 2021 levels of digital currency malfeasance. Comparitech’s cryptocurrency heists tracker indicates that since 2011, hackers have stolen $7.9 billion in cryptocurrency worth about $45.5 billion in to
It’s time to prioritize SaaS security
Did our focus on IaaS security come at the expense of SaaS security? Know what to guard against, especially excessive user permissions and misconfigured UIs, APIs, and integrations.
BrandPost: With Hyperforce, Salesforce Delivers Both Speed and Agility to the Modern Business
It’s no secret why enterprises are rapidly moving to SaaS and, in particular, to Salesforce to handle so many mission-critical business functions. There are tremendous benefits, including scalability, availability, security, and compliance, all of which increase the speed of business. It’s a significant competitive advantage. Increasingly, our customers want to leverage Salesforce products in a n
BrandPost: Cybersecurity Executives Say These are the Most Pressing Challenges They Face
Most cybersecurity teams grapple with similar issues, from defending against the ever-changing threat landscape to finding time for training and upskilling opportunities. I recently had the chance to speak with numerous security executives and industry experts at the Fortinet Security Summit, held in conjunction with the second annual PGA Fortinet Championship in Napa Valley, to discuss some of t
BrandPost: How a Zero Trust Platform Approach Takes Security to the Next Level
Even though many organizations have a goal of achieving zero trust, this goal may not always be realizable in the solutions they are implementing. In fact, a recent survey found that while most responding organizations said they had implemented or were implementing a zero trust strategy , more than half of them didn’t have the ability to authenticate users and devices on an ongoing basis. Giving
Security by design vital to protecting IoT, smart cities around the world, says CEO of UK NCSC
A secure by design approach is vital to protecting the internet of things (IoT) and smart cities, according to Lindy Cameron, CEO of the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Cameron spoke during Singapore International Cyber Week , calling for swift ongoing action to ensure connected devices are designed, built, deployed, and managed securely to prevent malicious actors, improve national res
Iran’s nuclear energy agency confirms email server hacked
The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran on Sunday confirmed that an email server at its Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant was hacked. The organization blamed a foreign country, but an Iranian hacking group that goes by the name Black Reward has claimed responsibility for the breach. The Atomic Energy Organization said that the IT group serving the Bushehr plant has examined and issued a report on the br

OCT 23

When CISOs are doomed to fail, and how to improve your chances of success
There's a joke cryptographer Jon Callas likes to tell: CISO stands for Chief Intrusion Scapegoat Officer, "because CISOs are often thrown into a position where they can't succeed." Callas, who is the director of public interest tech at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, says that security officers are often "simultaneously in charge and powerless." They know what they should do to mitigate risks



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