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What's behind Uber and GTA hacks.

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Russ Roberts (machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, and information security)

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Here’s what Uber and GTA hacks have in common 

Lapsus$ gang seems to be behind both Uber and Rockstar Games breaches. Both hacks show that social engineering works, and threat actors don't even go through too much trouble using automated attack tools. 
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Top articles for you:

Revolut breach: personal and banking data exposed 
A highly-targeted cyberattack on a financial technology company might have affected over 50,000 customers. Revolut comments to Cybernews.
Climate change hits tech infrastructure 
With data centers shutting down thanks to extreme temperatures, should we get used to outages? 
Uber hack update: Lapsus$, hiring spree, and 2FA 
Uber confirmed the threat actor behind the recent breach accessed several internal systems, including Slack messaging and an internal tool used to manage some invoices. 
Software shows how much effort people put into their Instagram photos 
It has confirmed what many long suspected – Instagrammers spend much more time behind their photos than an effortless-looking final result might suggest. 

Don’t fear quantum computers – rejoice in their coming, says tech CEO 

Quantum computing may have some tech analysts fretting over the threat they pose to digital security, but properly scaled and managed, it could also pave the way to better healthcare and transport, as well as greener energy sources.  
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