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Hackers lured experienced employee into a vicious trap.

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“This was embarrassing.” Hackers lured an experienced employee into a vicious trap 

“I felt the hair stand up on the back of my neck,” a longtime warehouse employee told Cybernews. Falling for a fake email, he put all of the company in jeopardy and decided to share his story to prevent others from walking into the same trap. 
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Top articles for you:

Russians will be able to buy iPhone 14, says Russian minister 
Russians will be able to purchase the new iPhone 14 despite the company leaving the market following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a government minister said on Thursday. 
Why China’s move for algorithmic transparency could destroy big tech 
A move in China towards algorithmic transparency could be disastrous for big tech. 
Google met with €25bn lawsuit in UK and EU for anticompetitive adtech practices 
Google is met with a €25bn ($25.4bn) lawsuit in the UK and EU following accusations of the abuse of its dominant position in the online advertising market. 
The Ethereum Big Merge: panacea for climate change or goldmine for scammers? 
The Ethereum Big Merge is coming soon, but will it help with climate change, and is there anything to worry about? 

Shiba Inu cloud credentials leaked online 

Crypto token’s Shiba Inu Amazon Web Service (AWS) account credentials were exposed on a public code repository, researchers say. 
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