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Executive's data are a golden ticket for attackers.

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Executive’s data is a golden ticket for attackers 

While targeting executives requires more focus and planning, a successful attack on a high-value account provides attackers with unprecedented access to valuable data. 
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Top articles for you:

Hackers created an enormous traffic jam in Moscow 
Hackers meddled with ride-hailing service Yandex Taxi to create a two-hour-long traffic jam in the Russian capital. 
Hackers claim to have breached TikTok 
BlueHornet hacker collective said it had hacked TikTok, providing samples of the exfiltrated data as proof. 
Samsung admits to being hacked: what data has been affected? 
South Korean multinational electronics corporation said it was hacked in July. It’s the second time this year that Samsung has suffered a significant security breach. 
Wanted: YouTuber accused of swindling $55m out of fans 
Her dance moves and K-Pop covers have won her 847,000 followers on YouTube. Then Natthamon “Nutty” Khongchak allegedly cheated thousands of them in a $55 million forex scam. 

Scientists working to make cyborg cockroaches "practical reality" 

Researchers say that remote-controlled cyborg insects could be used to inspect hazardous areas or monitor the environment. 
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