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Russ Roberts (machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, information security)

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How a VC Chooses Which Cybersecurity Startups to Fund in Challenging Times

Despite plummeting valuations of companies in public markets and concerns over the economic climate, venture capital is still available, especially for cybersecurity startups. To understand why cybersecurity investment is insulated from other effects, and what might happen over the rest of 2022 if the world slips into recession, SecurityWeek spoke with Jake Flomenberg, a partner in Seed and Series A specialist funding firm Wing Venture Capital.

(Read the Feature by Kevin Townsend)

Marc Solomon

The Secret to Automation? Eat the Elephant in Chunks.

The goal of security automation is to accelerate detection and response, but you’ll waste a lot of time if you try to eat the elephant all at once.

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Laurence Pitt

The Benefits of ZTNA Make it Hard to Ignore

Ensuring that the right people have access to the proper resources when they need them whilst maintaining security and access controls across multiple data centers and cloud environments is one of the biggest technical challenges any organization faces.

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Securing the Metaverse and Web3

Securing the Metaverse and Web3

Security must be built into the metaverse as it moves from science fiction to science reality. With users concerned about the misuse, abuse and commercialization of their personal data, they are likely to welcome the additional privacy offered by web3.

(Read the Feature by Kevin Townsend)

ICS/OT Security Conference

Applied ICS Security Training Lab

2022 ICS Cybersecurity Conference - October 24th - Atlanta

This full-day lab course gives participants hands-on experience attacking and hardening a simulated power plant network to learn about common ICS vulnerabilities and defenses.

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