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Doge community follows crumbs to uncover Ponzi scheme.

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Accessed on 04 August 2022, 1328 UTC.

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Russ (machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, and information security

Weekly news roundup, 04/08/2022 -

Doge community follow crumbs to uncover a Ponzi scheme 

Unusual transactions on the Dogecoin blockchain led the community to discover an alleged Ponzi scheme. Exclusive CyberNews interview with the Doge community members.  

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Report: You need a college degree to understand Facebook's terms of service 

You have to be at least a junior in high school to understand the terms of service for all ten major social media platforms. 

11 people charged in a “massive” Ponzi pyramid scheme 

The US securities watchdog charged 11 individuals for the creation and promotion of Forsage – a fraudulent crypto pyramid and Ponzi scheme which raised over $300 million. 

Apple network traffic went through Russia for 12 hours 

While neither Apple nor Russian authorities shed any light on the event, data indicates Apple traffic did go through Russia’s leading telecom company. 

Men and women equally unaware how to protect their data 

While a survey points to the existing gender gap in online privacy awareness, both men and women in the US fail to take the necessary precautions to protect their private data. 

Neom or "a civilizational revolution": here is what Saudi Arabia's city of the future will look like 

Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s grand $500 billion project will become home to nine million people in a utopian world where humans, robots, and AI co-exist. 

Over 3,000 apps leak Twitter API keys 

Threat actors could use API keys to access or take over Twitter accounts. 


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