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5.7 billion data entries found exposed in Chinese VPN.

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Accessed on 25 August 2022, 1434 UTC.

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Russ Roberts (machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, and information security)

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5.7bn data entries found exposed on Chinese VPN 

The Cybernews research team has discovered a leak in a free virtual private network (VPN) aimed at users in China that could put its citizens at risk of persecution by the authoritarian regime. 
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Top articles for you:

One-third of American parents think TikTok should be banned in the US 
As children navigate their way through remote learning and all the fun social media has to offer, parents wonder: how can they keep them safe while allowing them enough freedom to explore the internet? 
Google brings Workspace Individual to Europe 
Just over a year since it launched in other markets, the Google Workspace Individual office suite aimed at solo business owners is now available in Europe. 
LockBit hit by DDoS after Entrust hack 
A notorious ransomware gang, LockBit, suspects IT giant Entrust is behind a recent DDoS attack that knocked Lockbit's data leak site offline. 
Google blocks a record DDoS attack of 46 million requests per second 
Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks are increasing in frequency and growing in size exponentially. Google Cloud Armor customer was recently hit with the largest Layer 7 DDoS attack to date. 

Why cybercriminals fake ransomware attacks 

Reports of cybercriminals' mischiefs are greatly exaggerated. Infamous gangs like Lapsus$ and LockBit have been caught red-handed for faking massive cyberattacks. What's in it for them? 
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