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Exoplanet imaging and extraterrestrial life.

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Accessed on 07 July 2022, 1436 UTC.

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Russ Roberts (machine learning, artificial intelligence, IoT, and information security)

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Exoplanet imaging could be humanity’s best chance to find extraterrestrial intelligence 

Active messaging may be one way to proceed in searching for extraterrestrial intelligence. A better option yet might be investing more in telescopes capable of imaging exoplanets, a leading SETI researcher says. 
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Snapchat users say the new “dangerous” Ghost Trails feature might be used for stalking 
Snapchat has released a package of features available to paid subscribers, but users complain that one of them, Ghost Trails, could be very dangerous if misused. 
Ukraine says Russia coordinated cyber and missile attacks 
Kinetic attacks on Ukrainian energy infrastructure coincided with cyberattacks from pro-Russian hacktivists group, officials claim. 
Our password habits are awful – and driven by websites’ bad policies 
Most people’s passwords are poor, and it’s only partly our fault. 
Is the metaverse destined to fail? 
From Microsoft to Meta, companies are quick to onboard the metaverse train. But are they investing billions of dollars in the concept that could ultimately be a flop? 

How 7k DOGE ended up in limbo for almost two weeks 

An accidental transfer of over 7,000 Dogecoins (DOGE) proved to be a major headache both for the sender and receiver of the popular cryptocurrency. 
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