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Cybersecurity skills shortage paradox.

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Cybersecurity skills shortage paradox 

Many employers are hesitant to hire entry-level talent, further perpetuating the skills gap issue. 
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Top articles for you:

Google ditches the 'App Permissions' list from its Play Store 
The permissions list in the Play Store has been replaced with a 'Data Safety' section, providing users with information on the app's data collection and processing practices. 
Chinese hackers targeted US journalists ahead of the Capitol riots 
China abruptly refocused its phishing campaigns on White House correspondents and Washington DC-based journalists immediately before the attack on the US Capitol Building on 6 January 2021. 
Cloudflare named the botnet behind record-breaking DDoS attack 
Cloudflare says that Mantis botnet is responsible for the 26 million requests per second.HTTPS DDoS attack, the largest on record. 
The metaverse fears: scams and detachment from reality 
The excitement accompanying the metaverse goes hand in hand with serious concerns: how can we ensure it’s safe, and how do we not lose ourselves in the digital realm? 

Ex-CIA hacker convicted of WikiLeaks data crime 

A former CIA designer of hacking tools has been found guilty of leaking thousands of confidential files by a federal court in New York, two years after the original case against him was dropped. 
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