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The day's top cybersecurity news and in-depth coverage


19 JULY, 2022

Cyberespionage groups increasingly target journalists and media organizations

State-affiliated APT groups seek sensitive information and try to learn story sources by targeting journalists' email and social media accounts.

Image: Sponsored by AWS Marketplace: Respond better to security threats

Sponsored by AWS Marketplace: Respond better to security threats

Make security easier to manage and respond more effectively to threats with SaaS-delivered MSS.

New speculative execution attack Retbleed impacts Intel and AMD CPUs

Unlike other speculative execution attacks like Spectre, Retbleed exploits return instructions rather than indirect jumps or calls.

6 security analyst job description red flags that make hiring harder

With security professionals in short supply, it pays to ensure your job postings aren’t turning away good candidates. Here are six things experts say to avoid and what to do instead.

Data breaches explained: Types, examples, and impact

A data breach is a security incident in which a malicious actor breaks through security measures to illicitly access data.  The costs and consequences for the companies and individuals can be significant and long-lasting.

Cyber Safety Review Board warns that Log4j event is an “endemic vulnerability”

The CSRB report predicts the Log4J risk will continue for years and offers best practices for mitigating the threat.

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