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Emotet goes after google chrome users.

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Emotet Goes After Google Chrome Users to Steal Credit Card Details

Emotet Goes After Google Chrome Users to Steal Credit Card Details - Cybersecurity news
Emotet was found dropping a new module to pilfer credit card information stored in the Chrome web browser. During April, Emotet malware activity increased, and one week later, it began using Windows shortcut files (.LNK) to execute PowerShell commands on victims' devices.

Microsoft Derails Bohrium Hackers’ Spear-phishing Operation

Microsoft Derails Bohrium Hackers’ Spear-phishing Operation - Cybersecurity news
The Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit has dismantled a spear-phishing campaign run by an Iranian threat actor Bohrium to target users in the U.S., Middle East, and India. Bohrium actors often create fake social media profiles, often posing as recruiters. The companies need to stay vigilant to keep them ... Read More

PoC Exploits for Atlassian RCE Bug Exploit Released Online

PoC Exploits for Atlassian RCE Bug Exploit Released Online - Cybersecurity news
Proof-of-concept exploits for the actively exploited critical CVE-2022-26134 vulnerability impacting Atlassian Confluence and Data Center servers is out. The vulnerability that can be exploited by a threat actor to execute unauthenticated RCE, leading to a total domain takeover. However, this vulne ... Read More

Chinese-linked threat actor has been quietly spying for nearly 10 years

Researchers have reported that a Chinese-linked threat actor — Aogin Dragon — has operated espionage activities since 2013, targeting government, education and telecommunications organizations in Southeast Asia and Australia.

Hackers exploit recently patched Confluence bug for cryptomining

A cryptomining hacking group has been observed exploiting the recently disclosed remote code execution flaw in Atlassian Confluence servers to install miners on vulnerable servers.

Exposing HelloXD Ransomware and x4k

Unlike other ransomware groups, this ransomware family doesn’t have an active leak site; instead it prefers to direct the impacted victim to negotiations through TOX chat and onion-based messenger instances.

Iranian hackers target energy sector with new DNS backdoor

Lyceum is a state-supported APT, also known as Hexane or Spilrin, that has previously targeted communication service providers in the Middle East using DNS-tunneling backdoors.

'PACMAN' Hardware Vulnerability Can Enable Memory Defense Bypass

Apple's M1 chip has been found to contain a hardware vulnerability that can be abused to disable one of its defense mechanisms against memory corruption exploits, giving such attacks a greater chance of success.

New Variant of Black Basta Targets VMware ESXi Servers

New Variant of Black Basta Targets VMware ESXi Servers - Cybersecurity news
The Black Basta ransomware developed a Linux version that is now targeting VMware ESXi servers. The updated version allows faster encryption of multiple servers with a single command. Recently, the ransomware group joined hands with QBot to move laterally across the victim's network. Organizations ... Read More

8 zero-day vulnerabilities discovered in popular industrial control system from Carrier

Carrier’s LenelS2 Mercury access control panels are widely used across hundreds of companies in the healthcare, education, and transportation industries as well as federal government agencies and organizations.

InfiRay Thermal Camera Flaws Can Allow Hackers to Tamper With Industrial Processes

Researchers at Austria-based cybersecurity consultancy SEC Consult discovered that at least one of the vendor’s thermal cameras, the A8Z3 model, is affected by several potentially serious vulnerabilities.

New Privacy Framework for IoT Devices Gives Users Control Over Data Sharing

Dubbed Peekaboo by researchers from Carnegie Mellon University, the system "leverages an in-home hub to pre-process and minimize outgoing data in a structured and enforceable manner before sending it to external cloud servers."

Chrome 102 Update Patches High-Severity Vulnerabilities

Tracked as CVE-2022-2007, the first of these bugs is described as a use-after-free in WebGPU. The security hole was reported by David Manouchehri, who received a $10,000 bug bounty reward for his finding.

Emotet Banking Trojan Resurfaces, Skating Past Email Security

"The attacks are using hijacked email threads and then using those accounts as a launch point to trick victims into enabling macros of attached malicious office documents," a Thursday report from Deep Instinct explained.

DigiCert Acquires DNS Made Easy

The addition of DNS Made Easy enhances the company's certificate validation and lifecycle management portfolio, it said in a company statement on the acquisition. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Separate Fujitsu cloud storage vulnerabilities could enable attackers to destroy virtual backups

The security vulnerabilities were present in the enterprise-grade Fujitsu Eternus CS8000 (Control Center) V8.1. Researchers from the NCC Group found two separate issues due to a lack of user input validation in two PHP scripts.

Whistic Raises $35 Million in Series B Funding for Vendor Security Network

The new funding round was led by JMI Equity, with participation from Album VC, Emergence Capital, Forgepoint Capital, and FJ Labs. This brings the total investment in the company to $51 million.

Robocallers Pushing a Fake Car Warranty

They lure people by making the situation sound urgent. Even worse, the fake customer support representative’s plan is to also steal the person’s financial and personal information, such as the date of birth and Social Security Number.

The real-world repercussions of cyberattacks will usher in a security renaissance

Over the past year, the general public has become more aware of a very palpable change in crime — cybercriminals have become far more efficient and destructive. The impact of this trend makes older techniques feel like petty crime.

Smilodon Credit Card Skimming Malware Shifts from Magento to WordPress

This malware was originally reported in late 2020. Before December 2021, every single instance of this malware was found in compromised Magento eCommerce environments and injected (mostly) into theme files.

ProxyLogon, ProxyShell may have driven increase in dwell times

The median network intruder dwell time was up 36% to 15 days last year, thanks to massive exploitation of the ProxyLogon and ProxyShell vulnerabilities by IABs, according to new data by Sophos.


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