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Popular child-tracking android apps contain security flaws.

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Popular child-tracking Android apps contain gaping security holes 

Android apps with over 85 million installations spy on the parents that use them to track their children, and some even contain links to malicious sites. Experts think it's not entirely safe to expose kids' data to third-party vendors. 
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Why hackers destroying one Starlink satellite could cause orbital Armageddon 
A satellite entering a destructive spin cycle results in space debris: fast-moving particles then cause a cascade of destruction with devastating implications for the whole of humanity. Hackers can do that. 
Worker surveillance is on the rise 
As workers return to the office, the use of monitoring software continues to rise. 
Google Hangouts set for final shutdown 
Once an office darling, Google’s cross-platform messaging service is set for retirement – it will shut down for good in November 2022. 
Killnet hits Lithuania over EU sanctions affecting Kaliningrad 
Russia-affiliated hacker group Killnet took down several Lithuanian government websites in response to the Baltic country following EU sanctions. 

Ukrainian cyber experts who stayed behind to work and fight 

These men we had the pleasure of talking to don’t get much time to rest, as they divide it between work and war, but keeping busy helps them to find relief from longing for their families. 
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