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Another Set of Joker Trojan-Laced Android Apps Resurfaces on Google Play Store
A new set of trojanized apps spread via the Google Play Store has been observed distributing the notorious Joker malware on compromised Android devices. Joker, a repeat offender, refers to a class of harmful apps that are used for billing and SMS fraud, while also performing a number of actions of a malicious hacker's choice, such as stealing text messages, contact lists, and device information.


Experts Sound Alarm on DCRat Backdoor Being Sold on Russian Hacking Forums
Cybersecurity researchers have shed light on an actively maintained remote access trojan called DCRat (aka DarkCrystal RAT) that's offered on sale for "dirt cheap" prices, making it accessible to professional cybercriminal groups and novice actors alike. "Unlike the well-funded, massive Russian threat groups crafting custom malware [...], this remote access Trojan (RAT) appears to be the work of
CERT-UA warns of malspam attacks distributing the Jester info stealer
The Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine (CERT-UA) warns of attacks spreading info-stealing malware Jester Stealer. The Computer Emergency Response Team of Ukraine (CERT-UA) has detected malspam campaigns aimed at spreading an info-stealer called Jester Stealer. The malicious messages spotted by the Ukrainian CERT have the subject line “chemical attack” and contain a link to a weaponized M
RubyGems Fixes Critical Gem Takeover Vulnerability
RubyGems has addressed a critical vulnerability that could have allowed any user to remove and replace certain Ruby gems. A package hosting service for the Ruby programming language, hosts more than 170,000 gems. RubyGems also functions as a package manager. read more
Podcast: The State of the Secret Sprawl
In this podcast with Mackenzie Jackson, developer advocate at GitGuardian, we dive into the report and also the issues that corporations face with public leaks from groups like Lapsus and more, as well as ways that developers can keep their code safe.
Cyber attacks cause national emergency in Costa Rica
Rodrigo Chaves, President of Costa Rica, has declared a national emergency following a series of cyberattacks on government bodies. According to BleepingComputer , Conti has published the majority of the 672 GB of data appearing to belong to Costa Rican government agencies. Chaves signed the declaration into law on Sunday, May 8th, the same day that the former Minister of Finance effectively beca


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