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Critical OAS bugs open industrial systems to takeover.

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Latest News

Critical OAS Bugs Open Industrial Systems to Takeover

The most serious flaw gives attackers a way to remotely execute code on systems that many organizations use to move data in critical ICS environments, security vendor says.

Space Force Expands Cyber Defense Operations

Space Force's Delta 6 cyber-defense group adds squadrons, updates legacy Satellite Control Network.

Scammer Behind $568M International Cybercrime Syndicate Gets 4 Years

The 14th defendant behind The Infraud Organization contraband marketplace has been sentenced, this time for one count of racketeering.

New Chaos Malware Variant Ditches Wiper for Encryption

The Chaos ransomware-builder was known for creating destructor malware that overwrote files and made them unrecoverable -- but the new Yashma version finally generates binaries that can encrypt files of all sizes.

ChromeLoader Malware Hijacks Browsers With ISO Files

The malware’s abuse of PowerShell makes it more dangerous, allowing for more advanced attacks such as ransomware, fileless malware, and malicious code memory injections.

Microsoft Unveils Dev Box, a Workstation-as-a-Service

Microsoft Dev Box will make it easier for developers and hybrid teams to get up and running with workstations already preconfigured with required applications and tools.

Broadcom Snaps Up VMware in $61B Deal

Massive merger will put Broadcom's Symantec and VMware's Carbon Black under one roof.

Lacework Announces Layoffs, Restructuring

The cloud-security company blames "seismic" market shifts for shakeup.

Latest Commentary

Physical Security Teams' Impact Is Far-Reaching

Here's how physical security teams can integrate with the business to identify better solutions to security problems.

Tom Kopecky photo

May 27, 2022

The FDA's New Cybersecurity Guidance for Medical Devices Reminds Us That Safety & Security Go Hand in Hand

The new draft guidance on premarket submissions incorporates quality system regulations and doubles down on a life-cycle approach to product security.

Roman Kesler

May 26, 2022

Act Now: Leveraging PCI Compliance to Improve Security

Let the threat landscape guide your company's timeline for complying with new data security standards for credit cards. Use the phase-in time to improve security overall — security as a process — not just comply with new standards.

Tim Erlin

May 26, 2022

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Keeping Your Devices Safe at Work

Implement zero-trust policies for greater control, use BYOD management tools, and take proactive steps such as keeping apps current and training staff to keep sensitive company data safe and employees' devices secure.

Alex Lisle

May 25, 2022

Industry 4.0 Points Up Need for Improved Security for Manufacturers

With manufacturing ranking as the fourth most targeted sector, manufacturers that understand their exposure will be able to build the necessary security maturity.

Photo of Jordan Kendall

May 25, 2022


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