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What's behind the decline in stalkerware?

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Accessed on 26 April 2022, 0632 UTC.

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Malwarebytes Newsletter April | Issue 2
The big stories
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Stalkerware-type detections hit record high in 2021, but fell in second half
In 2021, detections for apps that non-consensually monitor another person’s activity reached their highest peak ever, and then mysteriously declined.
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“Your AppIe lD has been locked” spam email takes you on a website mystery tour
Spam that tells users they have been locked out of their account is common, but this run-of-the-mill campaign targeting Apple users takes an unexpected twist.
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Apps removed from Google Play for harvesting user data
Dozens of apps have been removed from Google Play after they were found to be harvesting device owners’ data.
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Watch out for fake WhatsApp “New Incoming Voicemessage” emails
Users are being lured into malvertising traps by fake WhatsApp emails telling them to download a voice message.
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Lock and Code podcast
Why data protection and privacy are not the same, and why that matters: Lock and Code S03E09
In the latest episode of Lock and Code, host David Ruiz talks to Gabriela Zanfir-Fortuna, the vice president for global privacy at Future of Privacy Forum, about the consequences of a common mistake.
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Malwarebytes Lock and Code podcast
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