Top exploited vulnerabilities of 2021. 

Views expressed in this cybersecurity-cyber crime update are those of the reporters and correspondents.

Accessed on 28 April 2022, 0141 UTC.

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Microsoft says Russia hit Ukraine with hundreds of cyberattacks
Microsoft has revealed the true scale of Russian-backed cyberattacks against Ukraine since the invasion, with hundreds of attempts from multiple Russian hacking groups targeting the country's infrastructure and Ukrainian citizens. [...]


Redis, MongoDB, and Elastic: 2022’s top exposed databases
Security researchers have noticed an increase in the number of databases publicly exposed to the Internet, with 308,000 identified in 2021. The growth continued quarter over quarter, peaking in the first months of this year. [...]
Chinese state-backed hackers now target Russian state officers
Security researchers analyzing a phishing campaign targeting Russian officials found evidence that points to the China-based threat actor tracked as Mustang Panda (also known as HoneyMyte and Bronze President). [...]


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