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"Why hackers love logs and FBI says it has 7,000 LockBit Ransomware Decryption Keys."

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Thursday, June 6, 2024

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SecurityWeek Expert Insights

Upleveling the State of SMB CybersecurityGone are the days when cyberattacks were deemed concerns solely by corporate giants. (Torsten George)

8 Degrees of Secure Access Service Edge - Assembling a diverse team, outlining clear objectives, and meticulously assessing your network landscape can enable organizations to successfully navigate SASE migration without hiccups and pitfalls. (Etay Maor)

Social Distortion: The Threat of Fear, Uncertainty and Deception in Creating Security Risk - A look int the traditional pillars of security community culture and how they are being weakened and compromised, and even peek at where this all could go in a world of deepfakes and AI-fueled bias and hallucination. (Tom Eston)

Why Hackers Love Logs

Why Hackers Love Logs

Log tampering is an almost inevitable part of a compromise. Why and how do cybercriminals target logs, and what can be done to protect them? (Read the Feature)

Secure every sign-in for every app on every device

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SecurityWeek Briefing.

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