"Dangerous AI workaround:  'Skeleton Key' unlocks malicious content."

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Microsoft, OpenAI, Google, Meta genAI models could be convinced to ditch their guardrails, opening the door to chatbots giving unfettered answers on building bombs, creating malware, and much more.
The vulnerability affects not only AirPods, but also AirPods Max, Powerbeats Pro, Beats Fit Pro, and all models of AirPods Pro.


The site is supplying malicious code that delivers dynamically generated payloads and can lead to other attacks, after a Chinese organization bought it earlier this year.
The high-end retailer is the latest company to confirm it was affected by the wide-ranging Snowflake data breach, which impacted more than 165 organizations.

JUN 25, 2024

The high-severity CVE-2024-5806 allows cyberattackers to authenticate to the file-transfer platform as any valid user, with accompanying privileges.
Knowledge institutions with legacy infrastructure, limited resources, and digitized intellectual property must protect themselves from sophisticated and destructive cyberattacks.


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