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"Remote Stuxnet-style attack possible with web-based PLC Malware."

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Monday, March 4, 2024


AI Risk Summit | Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay

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SecurityWeek Expert Insights

How Traffic, State, and Organizational Data Help Fortify Your Network - Traffic data is the lifeblood of network security, representing the raw, unfiltered truth of what is happening on the network. (Matt Wilson)

The Imperative for Modern Security: Risk-Based Vulnerability Management - By prioritizing vulnerabilities based on risk and aligning security efforts with business objectives, organizations can enhance their resilience to cyberattacks, optimize resource allocation, and maintain a proactive security posture. (Torsten George)

Artificial Arms Race - What Can Automation and AI do to Advance Red Teams - The best Red Team engagements are a balanced mix of technology, tools and human operators. (Tom Eston)

From Open Source to Enterprise Ready: 4 Pillars to Meet Your Security Requirements Open source is a great way to test the waters and define requirements. But when looking at putting a platform into production, an enterprise-ready solution will ensure you can keep up with business demands. (Marc Solomon)

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